Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday Spencer dear....

I can't believe our little man is 3! When I think about how fast it has gone by my eyes get a little wet, he'll be grown before we know it. I swear it wasn't 3 years ago that this sweet little angel boy came into out lives making us parents, changing our perspective on everything, and turing our lives upside down in the best way possible. I am so thankful for my children and the amazing blessing they are in my life. I never imagine that being a mom could be so amazing. It truly is the best and hardest thing I have ever done and I am so thankful I was given the opportunity to do so in this life. I love you Spencer Hap, Happy Birthday!

Spencer said he wanted a cheesecake for his birthday. He loves cheesecake. We let him pick the colors of it all and put his fire engines on top of it. he was thrilled and couldn't wait to try it. He is sampling the edge. I told him he couldn't eat it until everyone got here. He assured me he wasn't eating it, he was just trying the edge. He helped put the stuff on the top and was very proud of how it turned out. He loved showing it off and telling his Nana's and Papa's about it.

Happy Birthday our little man. We love you and are so thankful we get to call you ours!!!

Fireman's Breakfast...

Saturday was the fireman's breakfast. Spencer is obsessed with firetrucks and Addilyn thinks they are pretty cool so we took the kids. They had a blast and never wanted to leave. We had to get Daddy to work though so we forced them to leave, promising to do a few drive-by's to see the big ladder they had on the truck.

This is Addi driving the pink tractor. They had a fun little corner with police cars, fire engines and tractors the kids could drive. Addilyn waited very patiently and Spencer didn't want to drive on, he wanted to eat; both of these were shocking to me. The first car that opened was a police car so she drove it. Things in the corner slowed down and she got to drive a fire engine next. She had her eye on the pink tractor the whole time though. As soon as it opened she exclamined "Tractor" and ran to it. She loved taking it for a spin and I literally had to pry her off.
Spencer wanted to spend all of his time with the fire engines. They had them all open, older ones and knew ones, he drove almost all of them. Addilyn was happy to accompany him on his drives, at times she wanted to drive, but she also loved running to the other side of the truck. Spencer was driving the truck with Addi playing his lookout.

As we were leaving we promised the kids we'd go next year. I think it will be every year until they decide they don't want to go. It was a ton of fun though and we're so happy we we're all able to go as a family.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Sorry if this offends anyone, but here are a couple of things that have made me laugh lately.

I had drank a lot of water the morning Addi and I were headed to Manti for our girls weekend. I knew if we stopped I would have to pee. My plan was to drive strait to Manti with no stops. Addi was doing very well and allowing this. (She felt pretty special because she got to sit in Spencer's seat since he wasn't there). She was done and and wanted her movie going. We were in the middle of nowhere so I was trying to make her last to a gas station. Knowing for sure I would need to pee. Well she didn't last, I pulled off the road and started her movie, literally about peeing my pants. So for the first time in my life I used the van door to block from one direction and the van to block from the other direction and felt much better after.

During this I was laughing to myself because I hadn't needed to pee in the open like this since I went to Snow and was coming home and my truck broke down so I was stuck for a few hours. But the night before I had a softball game. I needed to go before the first game and didn't have time. I was luckly able to hold it until the game was over. Once the game was over me, 3 teammates, and one of their daughters all quickly headed for the bathrooms. We became very disgruntled when we found them locked up tight! One of the girls more then the rest of us, she was one her monthly and needed to change it! We'll we all found secluded spots, Brit and I using eachother and the sod to cover for us.

Then on the way home from Manti when I feel like there has been a lot of peeing in public going on lately I see 3 grown men in matching orange shirts pulled off the road. They are standing in the wide open with their backs to the road, obviously peeing. Then next to one of them up on a big rock I see a little guy not much older then Spencer with his pants around his ankles peeing. I laughed out loud and wished I could have know and I would have snapped a pix.

A few days after we got home we had Ashley over to play. This is my niece on Carl's side. The kids were so excited, they love to play with her. I also had Addison, one of my friends girls, we all went to the park and then came back to the house to play once my Addi started acting way to tired at the park. Once home Ashley got a messy diaper. While I was changing her all 3 of the other children were gathered around to watch. Spencer exclaimed, "Ashley doesn't have a penis to pee out of"! (This is the first time he has ever noticed the difference between girls and boys, although he constantly bathes with his sister) I explained to him that only boys have those, girls do not. That is why Addi doesn't have one either. Spencer looked at me and with complete conviction told me "Addi does too have one"! I couldn't help myself, I broke out laughing. He is still convinced that Addi has a penis to pee out of and Ashley does not.

I love my kids, they make me laugh and smile everyday. I am convinced that life doesn't get any better then this! (most days at least)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Smell of home...

I love cooking, baking, and anything that involves the kitchen. I love to make bread. I really love to make bread with sleeping children. I love the way it makes my home smell.
For lunch today we made pigs in a blanket with the bread dough. The kids loved it, then Carl came home for lunch and I was able to shape the loaves without their help because they were so excited to be with Daddy (he is their favorite). Now my home smells like fresh bread and the kids are sleeping. If only it were clean also...

Where is Heaven...

Today it is at my home. After listening to two very tired whinny children for most of the day they have both fallen into an exhausted sleep; at the same time!!! I love nap time. Spencer doesn't nap very often, and they definitly don't nap together, but today they are and I love it.

Addi Angel loves her bed to sleep in. It has made life so much easier in some ways, but when she can't have her bed it has proven to be hard on her at times.

Spencer prefers to take naps on the couch with whatever toy he has been playing with before hand. He just got his shovel back from time out today, I think he's afraid to let it go.

Instead of cleaning our house like I need to do badly I decided to read scriptures, which never happens this time of day. Usually I try to do it before they wake up, which didn't happen today, but I love it in the middle of the day. It seemed to re-focus me rather well.

I love these two. My every second of everyday revolves around them, nap time helps me to remember to be thankful for this. I'm so glad I get to call them mine!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Girls Trip...

Monday evening Carl came home from work and being such a loving husband asked me if I couldn't take the kids and go to one of my sisters for a few days. I was already planning on taking Addi and going to Manti that weekend to see Bubs since we had coordinating father's and son's.
Carl wanted me to leave because it is easier to work on the yard without the children's help and he was planning on taking a few days off work to do just that, he wasn't being mean, and after a few years I have gotten use to his sometimes not so thoughtful wording. (I think he's gotten use to mine also)
I didn't want to spend the gas money to get Spencer back ot him for the father's and son's and Spencer is pretty good during work projects so he stayed with Daddy and Addi and I left. When we left Spencer was on the tractor with his Daddy in Little Man Heaven. I took those pictures with the camera though so I don't have them.

This is Addi loving the warm day and Aunt Bub's swing set. Building a swing set will be one of our next projects!
She loves popsicles...

Having fun with cousin Kevie on the swing set. Kevin wanted pushed high like Superman.

Don't mess with this little lady. This is a toy gun and she loves it. Kevin was chasing her around the house with it and she wouldn't stop whinning. I thought it was because she didn't want him pointing it at her. Come to find out she just wanted the gun.

Apparently she's a natural, she's only been shooting once.

We are having tons of fun with Aunt Bubs and her's. I was reluctant to leave Spencer for this long, but we are having fun. Missing our boys but having great girl time.

Hopefully there will be more posts to come soon.

Tons of pictures...

So my wonderful sister, Bubs, (don't worry Juan I didn't say favorite) taught me how to e-mail pictures to myself and blog them, which makes this so much easier and quicker to do. Hence, I am hoping to become a more regular blogger again, we'll have to see what happens when I get home though. Right now Bubs is outside with the kids so I don't have any little hands trying to help me.

We have been trying to do our yard since we moved into out home. it is taking us a long time, like most things do. I know that I want some smaller trees in my yard but hadn't found any I loved yet. I went on a walk to the Manti Temple last night with my good girlfriend Al's. She is also very smart and knows what all plants are called.

This is a Spring Snow Crab. It smells heavenly, is beautiful, medium sized, and produces no fruit that I will have to go around and pick up. A great shade tree in my mind. I want to plant it in my yard.

Karlinda and Scott said once tax season was over they would take our kids for a night and let us get actually get to see eachother again. We gladly took them up on it. I forgot to tell Kurls that Addi has to have her baby to sleep well, I still feel very bad about that. About 2 in the morning Kurls figured it out and then Addi slept peacefully until 9 am. Spencer however went to bed earlier so he was up at 6 am, sorry Kurls. Thank you very much though, it was wonderful, we appreciate it.
The next day we went to Union Station with Kurls family and the kids. It was so fun. We loved it! Spencer wouldn't hold still long enough to let me take a good pix. of him. But below is Addi sitting on the bottom of the crain that is on a train.

We did a lot of shopping for food storage, running shoes, and beauty supply this weekend also. This is Carl waiting in the car for me while I was in the beauty supply. Isn't he so handsome, I love him. I am so blessed! (Apparently he was a little tired, I really wasn't in the beauty supply that long!)

The kids loving riding in the back of Daddy's truck while we were out working on the fence.

The kids in absolute heaven on Papa Craig's and Nana Rhonda's tractor. Papa Craig let them drive it all they wanted. Then he wanted to take them for a ride and they both freaked out and started crying. Although in the end they enjoyed the ride!

Welcome to RSV! This is hoe we spend about 3 days. Me on the couch and the kids in their camping chairs watching Handy Manny, Bob the Builder, and Princess shows. We are SOOOOO glad to be feeling better!