Friday, May 13, 2011

Girls Trip...

Monday evening Carl came home from work and being such a loving husband asked me if I couldn't take the kids and go to one of my sisters for a few days. I was already planning on taking Addi and going to Manti that weekend to see Bubs since we had coordinating father's and son's.
Carl wanted me to leave because it is easier to work on the yard without the children's help and he was planning on taking a few days off work to do just that, he wasn't being mean, and after a few years I have gotten use to his sometimes not so thoughtful wording. (I think he's gotten use to mine also)
I didn't want to spend the gas money to get Spencer back ot him for the father's and son's and Spencer is pretty good during work projects so he stayed with Daddy and Addi and I left. When we left Spencer was on the tractor with his Daddy in Little Man Heaven. I took those pictures with the camera though so I don't have them.

This is Addi loving the warm day and Aunt Bub's swing set. Building a swing set will be one of our next projects!
She loves popsicles...

Having fun with cousin Kevie on the swing set. Kevin wanted pushed high like Superman.

Don't mess with this little lady. This is a toy gun and she loves it. Kevin was chasing her around the house with it and she wouldn't stop whinning. I thought it was because she didn't want him pointing it at her. Come to find out she just wanted the gun.

Apparently she's a natural, she's only been shooting once.

We are having tons of fun with Aunt Bubs and her's. I was reluctant to leave Spencer for this long, but we are having fun. Missing our boys but having great girl time.

Hopefully there will be more posts to come soon.

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Marisa Jean said...

I wish my husband would ask me to leave for a few days. Ha ha. No, that really does look like a fun trip.