Thursday, May 19, 2011


Sorry if this offends anyone, but here are a couple of things that have made me laugh lately.

I had drank a lot of water the morning Addi and I were headed to Manti for our girls weekend. I knew if we stopped I would have to pee. My plan was to drive strait to Manti with no stops. Addi was doing very well and allowing this. (She felt pretty special because she got to sit in Spencer's seat since he wasn't there). She was done and and wanted her movie going. We were in the middle of nowhere so I was trying to make her last to a gas station. Knowing for sure I would need to pee. Well she didn't last, I pulled off the road and started her movie, literally about peeing my pants. So for the first time in my life I used the van door to block from one direction and the van to block from the other direction and felt much better after.

During this I was laughing to myself because I hadn't needed to pee in the open like this since I went to Snow and was coming home and my truck broke down so I was stuck for a few hours. But the night before I had a softball game. I needed to go before the first game and didn't have time. I was luckly able to hold it until the game was over. Once the game was over me, 3 teammates, and one of their daughters all quickly headed for the bathrooms. We became very disgruntled when we found them locked up tight! One of the girls more then the rest of us, she was one her monthly and needed to change it! We'll we all found secluded spots, Brit and I using eachother and the sod to cover for us.

Then on the way home from Manti when I feel like there has been a lot of peeing in public going on lately I see 3 grown men in matching orange shirts pulled off the road. They are standing in the wide open with their backs to the road, obviously peeing. Then next to one of them up on a big rock I see a little guy not much older then Spencer with his pants around his ankles peeing. I laughed out loud and wished I could have know and I would have snapped a pix.

A few days after we got home we had Ashley over to play. This is my niece on Carl's side. The kids were so excited, they love to play with her. I also had Addison, one of my friends girls, we all went to the park and then came back to the house to play once my Addi started acting way to tired at the park. Once home Ashley got a messy diaper. While I was changing her all 3 of the other children were gathered around to watch. Spencer exclaimed, "Ashley doesn't have a penis to pee out of"! (This is the first time he has ever noticed the difference between girls and boys, although he constantly bathes with his sister) I explained to him that only boys have those, girls do not. That is why Addi doesn't have one either. Spencer looked at me and with complete conviction told me "Addi does too have one"! I couldn't help myself, I broke out laughing. He is still convinced that Addi has a penis to pee out of and Ashley does not.

I love my kids, they make me laugh and smile everyday. I am convinced that life doesn't get any better then this! (most days at least)


Kenzee Jo said...

I am HILARIOUSLY OFFENDED!Ahahha... so funny!!

Marisa Jean said...

Sometimes I wish I was a man so I could whip it out easily and pee wherever. My husband always makes me pull off to the side so he can pee when we're in the middle of nowhere. Lucky. I'm actually proud of you, Holls! I just hope you missed peeing on your pants. Ha ha.