Monday, May 23, 2011

Fireman's Breakfast...

Saturday was the fireman's breakfast. Spencer is obsessed with firetrucks and Addilyn thinks they are pretty cool so we took the kids. They had a blast and never wanted to leave. We had to get Daddy to work though so we forced them to leave, promising to do a few drive-by's to see the big ladder they had on the truck.

This is Addi driving the pink tractor. They had a fun little corner with police cars, fire engines and tractors the kids could drive. Addilyn waited very patiently and Spencer didn't want to drive on, he wanted to eat; both of these were shocking to me. The first car that opened was a police car so she drove it. Things in the corner slowed down and she got to drive a fire engine next. She had her eye on the pink tractor the whole time though. As soon as it opened she exclamined "Tractor" and ran to it. She loved taking it for a spin and I literally had to pry her off.
Spencer wanted to spend all of his time with the fire engines. They had them all open, older ones and knew ones, he drove almost all of them. Addilyn was happy to accompany him on his drives, at times she wanted to drive, but she also loved running to the other side of the truck. Spencer was driving the truck with Addi playing his lookout.

As we were leaving we promised the kids we'd go next year. I think it will be every year until they decide they don't want to go. It was a ton of fun though and we're so happy we we're all able to go as a family.


Kenzee Jo said...

I haven't even met the little missy... cute kids!!

Marisa Jean said...

Lucky! I want to come and go with you next year. That looks awesome! Especially the pink tractor.