Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where is Heaven...

Today it is at my home. After listening to two very tired whinny children for most of the day they have both fallen into an exhausted sleep; at the same time!!! I love nap time. Spencer doesn't nap very often, and they definitly don't nap together, but today they are and I love it.

Addi Angel loves her bed to sleep in. It has made life so much easier in some ways, but when she can't have her bed it has proven to be hard on her at times.

Spencer prefers to take naps on the couch with whatever toy he has been playing with before hand. He just got his shovel back from time out today, I think he's afraid to let it go.

Instead of cleaning our house like I need to do badly I decided to read scriptures, which never happens this time of day. Usually I try to do it before they wake up, which didn't happen today, but I love it in the middle of the day. It seemed to re-focus me rather well.

I love these two. My every second of everyday revolves around them, nap time helps me to remember to be thankful for this. I'm so glad I get to call them mine!

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Marisa Jean said...

Nap time and sleep time are the only things that keep me sane enough to stay home. My favorite picture is the one of Spencer with his shovel. Ha ha. Love it!