Friday, May 13, 2011

Tons of pictures...

So my wonderful sister, Bubs, (don't worry Juan I didn't say favorite) taught me how to e-mail pictures to myself and blog them, which makes this so much easier and quicker to do. Hence, I am hoping to become a more regular blogger again, we'll have to see what happens when I get home though. Right now Bubs is outside with the kids so I don't have any little hands trying to help me.

We have been trying to do our yard since we moved into out home. it is taking us a long time, like most things do. I know that I want some smaller trees in my yard but hadn't found any I loved yet. I went on a walk to the Manti Temple last night with my good girlfriend Al's. She is also very smart and knows what all plants are called.

This is a Spring Snow Crab. It smells heavenly, is beautiful, medium sized, and produces no fruit that I will have to go around and pick up. A great shade tree in my mind. I want to plant it in my yard.

Karlinda and Scott said once tax season was over they would take our kids for a night and let us get actually get to see eachother again. We gladly took them up on it. I forgot to tell Kurls that Addi has to have her baby to sleep well, I still feel very bad about that. About 2 in the morning Kurls figured it out and then Addi slept peacefully until 9 am. Spencer however went to bed earlier so he was up at 6 am, sorry Kurls. Thank you very much though, it was wonderful, we appreciate it.
The next day we went to Union Station with Kurls family and the kids. It was so fun. We loved it! Spencer wouldn't hold still long enough to let me take a good pix. of him. But below is Addi sitting on the bottom of the crain that is on a train.

We did a lot of shopping for food storage, running shoes, and beauty supply this weekend also. This is Carl waiting in the car for me while I was in the beauty supply. Isn't he so handsome, I love him. I am so blessed! (Apparently he was a little tired, I really wasn't in the beauty supply that long!)

The kids loving riding in the back of Daddy's truck while we were out working on the fence.

The kids in absolute heaven on Papa Craig's and Nana Rhonda's tractor. Papa Craig let them drive it all they wanted. Then he wanted to take them for a ride and they both freaked out and started crying. Although in the end they enjoyed the ride!

Welcome to RSV! This is hoe we spend about 3 days. Me on the couch and the kids in their camping chairs watching Handy Manny, Bob the Builder, and Princess shows. We are SOOOOO glad to be feeling better!


Marisa Jean said...

Any time I leave my hubby in the car for more then 5 mintues he has the same outcome--a nice dose of studying his eyelids. Ha ha.

Your kids are getting so big!

Juanita said...

Darn right you didn't say favorite! No one would have believed you anyway. Common knowledge I'm your favorite.