Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ready got bed...Da Mals

Putting the kids to bed last night. I told them to run get ready. The pictures are backwards, but I caught Maloree in my closet trying on boots... 

These ones are after I first found her and she decided to make a go at trying to walk in them.  She did quite well, I was very impressed, and scared...

These ones are when I first found her. 

Nana, stay a little longer...

Daddy was working late tonight. He's been doing this a lot the last few months with tax season and now he's trying to study. We've all missed him a lot. The kids are having a hard time with it. 

Tonight Addi wanted to invite Nana Foley over. Nana was sweet enough to humor her and came right over. We all loved having her here! The kids were a little sad to see her go. Maloree insisted on watching from the steps. Addi came over to join her. It was a sweet memory for me. 

I'm so grateful that Carl and I each have amazing parents that are so close. I love how special they make our children feel and that even though they are all so busy, they are always willing to take time for family. What an example they are to us!

Nana's now gone. Addi's getting up to come in. 

Maloree watching Nana get into her car. 
What a sweet memory...

We can be together forever...Spencer.

Spencer drew this picture for me tonight...he truly is so sweet and picks up on so much more then I realize. 
A close up if his picture. It is Jesus on the cross and the American flag. Because Jesus created America and died on the cross so we could all be resurrected and live together forever, he explained to me. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

So thankful and so blessed!

I love my kids! I love their adventurous personalities, take charge attitudes, imaginations, determination, gentleness, sweetness, breathing, snoring, snuggles, hugs, kisses, smiles, mischievous eyes, tired eyes, hurt eyes, mad eyes, thoughtful eyes, cheeks, hands, feet, love, patience, laughter, how they're all so very very different and yet so similar in so many ways.

 I love how much they all love their daddy and how much he loves them! I love how they are teaching me to become a better person in every way. I love too watch my girls be little nurturing mommies and my boys be little take charge lets get this fixed and done men! I'm truly so thankful for them and feel so so so abundantly blessed to get to call them mine! Each and every one of them and all of them as a whole! I'm so thankful for my little family! 

Life can be so hard and crazy at times and I find myself getting caught up in it. But, when I allow myself to just focus on what really matters, my family- my sweet little perfect-very far from perfect family; then life and everything about it truly is perfect and wonderful!

 I'm so grateful and blessed to know, without a doubt, that because of my brother and friend Jesus Christ families can be forever! My family can be forever! So grateful to be a member of The Chirch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and for the happiness, peace, and love I find within it! 

I'm thankful that I was blessed to be born in a free country and so thankful for all of those who have and continue to sacrifice to keep our country this way. Thank you . 

Life is beautiful, wonderful, and perfect (even when it's not)! Thank you to my family and my Father on Heaven for all my blessings! 

Collier's second tooth!

Collier got his second tooth today!!! Bottom right, and we didn't even have too horrible of a night last night or a day today.  He really is such a good baby. 

And from this pictures apparently his hair can look red in the right light...I know it's just my wishful thinking though. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Collier's first tooth

March 20, 2014 Collier got his first tooth, his bottom left. 
He decided to chew on his sisters dress up shoes to celebrate! 
I love this little boy so much! His happiness, easy smilies, sweet calm demeanor, I just love everything about this boy. I'm so glad we've been blessed with him! I do wish he would start sleeping better though. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I even brought you a flower...

"Mom, I even brought you in a flower."  The kids we outside playing with their friends this evening, spencer came running in with this. He really is such a thoughtful boy. I live him so much.

We had a BBQ at my parents house a few weeks ago. That morning for breakfast I had what've an avocado. As we were starting to eat, we did kids first. I got Spencer his food and set him at the table with it. 
He noticed there were sliced avocados on the table; I was still in the kitchen getting the other kids food. Spencer got up from his food, got me a plate with a slice of avocado on it and brought it in to me. He handed it to me, saying (in the sweetest voice ever), "mom, it's your favorite food".  
He truly is such a sweet thoughtful child. I'm so thankful for his sweet amazing spirit in our home. For how willing he is to help and what a great big brother he is to each of his siblings. He truly has such a sweet tender spirit and I'm so thankful I get to call him my little man. 

Laugh and smile...

"Mom will you grab me some shoes that fit me? Not my purple boots, they have toe jam in them!" This is what Addi told me as I was running in the house to grab her shoes for her so she could go to her friends house today. It made me smile and laugh. 
Last time she wore her purple boots I think she peed her pants in them, it may be more then toe jam she's afraid of. I'm so thankful for these babies of mine and how easily they can make me laugh and smile everyday. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Reptile show

I took the kids to the reptile show at the library yesterday. The older two loved it. Maloree wanted to play and Collier was actually quite good during it. Maloree was needing me and wanting just me, without Collier, a nice lady next to us took Collier, he happily went, thankfully. 
This snake was the last animal they was huge, and disgusting. It was fun to take the kids. 

The picture below I love the little boys face in it. 

Addi's latest

I absolutely love all the arts and crafts that my kids love to make. Here are a few of Addi's. The gun she made today. The picture she drew this past Tuesday. (She had me write most of the names on the picture for her). I love this little angel that that Heavenly Father has blessed me with so much, her personality, her sweetness, her tenderness, her thoughtfulness, and yes even her sass and determination! They all make my Addi Angel my Addi Angel and I can't imagine life without her! I'm grateful for all she teaches me each day. 

The most disgusting thing...

My girls love spaghetti. Spencer loves Alfredo sauce, or white sauce as he calls it; he also love cream cheese. Becca, one of my best friends, and the one I do dinner nights with has a spaghetti recipe with cream cheese in the sauce. It's AMAZING! 
I had peppers that needed used, all the kids LOVE sausage so I sautéed peppers, smoked sausages, and some leftover grilled chicken that I had together to make spaghetti with. I knew the girls would love it. To make Spencer happy I added cream cheese to the sauce. 
The kids were playing outside with Gabe, our cute little neighbor boy. The girls got hungry, came in and ate. Addi 2 bowls of it. Maloree half of 1 bowl, she's not eating much lately so that was about right. 
I was going to let Spencer stay out until Carl got home and then he could eat with his dad. Gabe had to go home before Carl got home so Spencer came in. Very excitedly I told him what dinner was, making sure to add in how yummy cream cheese was in the pasta sauce and how much he loves cream cheese. He looked at it for a good bit, turned to me, and in a very calm matter of fact voice said, " mom, that's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen".  
I couldn't help it, I laughed so hard. Amazingly he was very kind about trying his one bite of it. However he didn't want more then one bite. I live my kiddos! 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Nap time...

Juanita, my awesome sister told me about the blogger app.  I'm trying it. This is mostly just a journal for me. I took the kids to the park today, we just got home and they are beyond tired. I'm making them all lay down, even though Spencer and Addi are quite upset about it. 

7 months ago we added Collier Keith Foley to our family. He is so much funand  such a sweet happy baby now. He had colic and silent acid reflux, making the first months hard. He's outgrown his colic, thankfully! We all love him and his smile can make me happy anytime, which he uses to his advantage when he should be sleeping...
Maloree shows him her love and affection best by laying on top of him (she's not exactly small, or even average, she's huge).  Spencer loved to help feedhim and   show him all the fun things they can do together when Collier gets bigger. Addi just loves to hold him and get pictures with him.  Carl and I just love them all, even when they drive us crazy.  

I'm hoping to blog more now that I can do it on my phone. 

Picture from the park today.

Me and Mals yesterday. She wanted to play with the camera on my phone. 

One of our favorite cousins Ammon. He needed a bandaid at the park and we didn't have any. We improvised with a panty liner. I love love love this boy! 

Maloree Elizabeth...I can't get enough of her. I love her little chubbs.  

For family night on Monday we finished installing this. The kids are do excited they're beside themselves.