Friday, April 4, 2014

Nap time...

Juanita, my awesome sister told me about the blogger app.  I'm trying it. This is mostly just a journal for me. I took the kids to the park today, we just got home and they are beyond tired. I'm making them all lay down, even though Spencer and Addi are quite upset about it. 

7 months ago we added Collier Keith Foley to our family. He is so much funand  such a sweet happy baby now. He had colic and silent acid reflux, making the first months hard. He's outgrown his colic, thankfully! We all love him and his smile can make me happy anytime, which he uses to his advantage when he should be sleeping...
Maloree shows him her love and affection best by laying on top of him (she's not exactly small, or even average, she's huge).  Spencer loved to help feedhim and   show him all the fun things they can do together when Collier gets bigger. Addi just loves to hold him and get pictures with him.  Carl and I just love them all, even when they drive us crazy.  

I'm hoping to blog more now that I can do it on my phone. 

Picture from the park today.

Me and Mals yesterday. She wanted to play with the camera on my phone. 

One of our favorite cousins Ammon. He needed a bandaid at the park and we didn't have any. We improvised with a panty liner. I love love love this boy! 

Maloree Elizabeth...I can't get enough of her. I love her little chubbs.  

For family night on Monday we finished installing this. The kids are do excited they're beside themselves. 

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