Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The most disgusting thing...

My girls love spaghetti. Spencer loves Alfredo sauce, or white sauce as he calls it; he also love cream cheese. Becca, one of my best friends, and the one I do dinner nights with has a spaghetti recipe with cream cheese in the sauce. It's AMAZING! 
I had peppers that needed used, all the kids LOVE sausage so I sautéed peppers, smoked sausages, and some leftover grilled chicken that I had together to make spaghetti with. I knew the girls would love it. To make Spencer happy I added cream cheese to the sauce. 
The kids were playing outside with Gabe, our cute little neighbor boy. The girls got hungry, came in and ate. Addi 2 bowls of it. Maloree half of 1 bowl, she's not eating much lately so that was about right. 
I was going to let Spencer stay out until Carl got home and then he could eat with his dad. Gabe had to go home before Carl got home so Spencer came in. Very excitedly I told him what dinner was, making sure to add in how yummy cream cheese was in the pasta sauce and how much he loves cream cheese. He looked at it for a good bit, turned to me, and in a very calm matter of fact voice said, " mom, that's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen".  
I couldn't help it, I laughed so hard. Amazingly he was very kind about trying his one bite of it. However he didn't want more then one bite. I live my kiddos! 

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