Monday, April 14, 2014

So thankful and so blessed!

I love my kids! I love their adventurous personalities, take charge attitudes, imaginations, determination, gentleness, sweetness, breathing, snoring, snuggles, hugs, kisses, smiles, mischievous eyes, tired eyes, hurt eyes, mad eyes, thoughtful eyes, cheeks, hands, feet, love, patience, laughter, how they're all so very very different and yet so similar in so many ways.

 I love how much they all love their daddy and how much he loves them! I love how they are teaching me to become a better person in every way. I love too watch my girls be little nurturing mommies and my boys be little take charge lets get this fixed and done men! I'm truly so thankful for them and feel so so so abundantly blessed to get to call them mine! Each and every one of them and all of them as a whole! I'm so thankful for my little family! 

Life can be so hard and crazy at times and I find myself getting caught up in it. But, when I allow myself to just focus on what really matters, my family- my sweet little perfect-very far from perfect family; then life and everything about it truly is perfect and wonderful!

 I'm so grateful and blessed to know, without a doubt, that because of my brother and friend Jesus Christ families can be forever! My family can be forever! So grateful to be a member of The Chirch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and for the happiness, peace, and love I find within it! 

I'm thankful that I was blessed to be born in a free country and so thankful for all of those who have and continue to sacrifice to keep our country this way. Thank you . 

Life is beautiful, wonderful, and perfect (even when it's not)! Thank you to my family and my Father on Heaven for all my blessings! 

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