Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nana, stay a little longer...

Daddy was working late tonight. He's been doing this a lot the last few months with tax season and now he's trying to study. We've all missed him a lot. The kids are having a hard time with it. 

Tonight Addi wanted to invite Nana Foley over. Nana was sweet enough to humor her and came right over. We all loved having her here! The kids were a little sad to see her go. Maloree insisted on watching from the steps. Addi came over to join her. It was a sweet memory for me. 

I'm so grateful that Carl and I each have amazing parents that are so close. I love how special they make our children feel and that even though they are all so busy, they are always willing to take time for family. What an example they are to us!

Nana's now gone. Addi's getting up to come in. 

Maloree watching Nana get into her car. 
What a sweet memory...

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