Thursday, April 10, 2014

I even brought you a flower...

"Mom, I even brought you in a flower."  The kids we outside playing with their friends this evening, spencer came running in with this. He really is such a thoughtful boy. I live him so much.

We had a BBQ at my parents house a few weeks ago. That morning for breakfast I had what've an avocado. As we were starting to eat, we did kids first. I got Spencer his food and set him at the table with it. 
He noticed there were sliced avocados on the table; I was still in the kitchen getting the other kids food. Spencer got up from his food, got me a plate with a slice of avocado on it and brought it in to me. He handed it to me, saying (in the sweetest voice ever), "mom, it's your favorite food".  
He truly is such a sweet thoughtful child. I'm so thankful for his sweet amazing spirit in our home. For how willing he is to help and what a great big brother he is to each of his siblings. He truly has such a sweet tender spirit and I'm so thankful I get to call him my little man. 

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