Tuesday, May 26, 2015

God truly loves us.

I'm laying in my bed listening and watching a beautiful thunder and lightening storm. I have always loved the rain and lightening, this time the thought keeps feeling my mind of how much love our Father in Heaven has for us. It's was a very dry winter and we haven't had anywhere near enough water for the coming year. Yet, it can't stop raining lately. God is blessing us. He loves us and provides is what we need if we do our part and have faith. 
This is a picture is horrible, but a picture out my bedroom window. Addi just came in to join me. She says it keeps waking her up, although I'm not sure she's gone to sleep yet. I'm going to go cuddle her and watch a beautiful Heaven sent storm. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Father's and Son's/GNO

The girls and I are sleeping in my bed for our sleepover. We're all saying our personal prayers. The girls are finished and I'm not. Maloree starts talking to me and Addi says, "Maloree she's still praying. Her prayers are not like ours. I guess when your older you have to do something really important."  I love these little girls of mine. So thankful for this Girls night out with them. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Things to remember

Collier climbed out of his crib for the first time last night. He's perched on the edge before but never actually hopped out. I think he just earned himself a toddler bed. 
This morning he was determined to snap his pants up himself. He told me "No" when I tried to help him. His is growing so big so so fast! Way to fast!!! I do love watching his independent spirit emerge though. 
This is Collier determined to do up his own pants. 

I got to help with Spencer's field trip today. They went to the fire station then swimming, picnic, and bounce houses at the rec center. It was so much fun. I love to help in my kids classes. I'm so glad they still want me around and hope we can be friends always, even when they're teenagers. 

My good friend Becca watched the other kids for me so I could go with Spencer. 
This is Addi on roller blades at Beccas house. 
Love my beautiful babies and the time I get with them!  They are truly amazing. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

I'm usually not huge fan of Mothers Day. I am very grateful for my mom and my mom in law. They are two absolutely amazing women that have taught and continue to teach me so much about being a mom, life, marriage, anything. They truly are amazing women whom I don't know what I would do without. 

Typically Mothers Day is a pretty hectic day with church and both sets of grandparents and lots of cousins in town.    We usually try to do a meal with both families. By the end of the day we're all exhausted and the kids are beyond tired and cranky. 

This Mothers Day Collier had pink eye Friday so we told everyone we were staying away so we didn't give it to all the other grandkids that would be at both Nanas houses that day. 

By Sunday morning his eyes were fine. We'd already told both families not to plan on us though. We came home from church and Collier took an amazing nap (and he could because we had no where we had to be). Maloree even went and layed on the couch after lunch and put herself down for a nap. We just hung out together at home all day, (Other then going to church)!  It truly was so much fun. Carl is gone a TON between both jobs, studying, and his calling. It truly was something needed family time. I LOVED it!!!

I even did most of the cooking and clean up of the day, but Carl was here taking care of the kids while I did it. It was an amazing day, truly loved the time with my little family!!!

Right before bed we ran to both grandparents houses for a bit. Basically long enough to drop off the stuff the kids had made for their Nanas (and at the Swains to pick up a car to borrow for Carl to take his test today, the kids didn't even get out there though, Nana and Papa came out to the car to say hello to them). Then we got home and kids even went to bed really well. Truly the best day ever. 

It made me realize that I don't like Morhers Day (and have tension on many holidays) because we're always trying to see both families. Trying to spend equal time with both and please everyone. Our families probably don't even care and I feel the pressure only from myself most likely. This was a great holiday and I realized we just need to stop trying to do it all and please everyone (or at least  what we feel like others expect from us).  

I'm honestly fine not getting anything for Mothers Day, usually we don't really do gifts. This year Carl really surprised me. I've been wanting to hang family pictures up every since we moved in. I've never done it. It has seemed like a huge, very expensive project, that I couldn't ever figure out how to fit into the budget. Carl printed picture off for me. He even hung them up on Saturdy. We still need to get frames, but I'm so unbelievably happy to have pictures of my beautiful babies on my walls. 

So thankful for this beautiful amazing life I've been blessed with! And these beautiful little people that give my everyday a purpose and meaning! 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Spencer's first date with Nana

Papa Foley got called as a temple recorder a while ago. Nana got sick of being home alone all the time so she decided to take the grandkids on dates. She said she's starting with the oldest and working her way down. 

She started last night. Spencer is the oldest grandchild so he got to go first. He  was so excited and made a huge list...
I told him he wouldn't have time to do it all. I also wanted to take a picture of him with Nana for their date and I forgot, I really wish I had remembered. I'll have to get one of them together and post it later. 

New donut shop

We took the kids to the new donut shop in town today. They were very excited. 

Carl actually is happy to be there. You just can't tell...

The kids loved the donuts and had a fun time getting a treat. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Addi's first field trip

Addi went on her first field trip today. They got to go to CAL Ranch and see the chicks. She wanted me to help, I'm so glad she did. I had a lot of fun, loved being with her. 

On the bus together. 

Picture I took of her on the bus 

She also wanted to take a picture of me

So glad that so far my babies want to be with me, really hope it continues. 

A group shot with some of the kids. (She's in the back on the right side behind the boys in the red and blue shirt).

They even got to pet the chicks. She loved this. I sure love this girl. I'm so glad I got to go on her field trip with her, I'm really hoping she'll always want to spend at least some of her time with me. 


Monday, May 4, 2015

Power of the priesthood

Maloree has been complaining about her bum hurting her for a while now. I've been at a loss as to what to do for her. She asked for a blessing. She wanted her daddy to do it and Papa Swain to help him. 
This past Thursday night we called my dad and he came over to help. 
It was beautiful. Truly a beautiful sight that brought me so much peace and gratitude. I'm so thankful that our Father in Heaven allows imperfect men on this earth to hold his perfect priesthood. I'm so thankful for the men in my life that do their best to honor this sacred privilege from our Father in Heaven. 
Since the blessing Maloree has been doings have better. I know the priesthood is so real and truly so powerful. I'm so thankful for my dear husband and my amazing dad being willing to do this for my sweet little girl. I'm thankful to my Father in Heaven for the love, knowledge, and comfort that he gives me about my children. I love The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know it is Gods church on this earth. I know that although those of us who belong to this church are no where near perfect, God still loves us and blesses us for trying. I know that God sent his Son who gladly and willingly gave his life and atoned for our sins so we could be perfected someday. 
I'm so blessed and thankful to have this knowledge and pray that I will have the courage and strength to live worthy of it. 

Letting go

Today I went out and jumped with Maloree on the tramp. We held hands while played ring a round the rosies. We played "dead man, dead man" and any other game she could think of to play. I watched her soft light brown hair bounce up and down in the sunlight. All the while loving her laugh, the feel of her hands in mine, hugging and kissing her everytime "we all fall down". 

Everything about it was perfect and felt so good. Today I spent a lot of time just playing with my children. I accomplished basically nothing on the house, it's a mess. But I truly had such a good day!!! The whole time playing on the tramp, playing handball, superman and flips, sword fighting, all of it was so wonderful and felt so good! As I watched them as we played I felt such peace, true genuine happiness, and so much gratitude for how blessed my life is. 

I can't seem to find the balance on how to do it all. Play with the kids, teach them to work and do chores, educate them, keep the house clean and make healthy foods they'll eat, etc. I don't know if I'll ever figure it out; but, I know that I love just letting it all go today and just playing with them! It felt SO good! I love to hear their true genuine laughter as we play together. I need to make more days like this. I hope and pray that I will always let my children know that they are my world. I love them so much and I always want them to know this. I'm so thankful for the opportunity God has given me to be their mother...life is beautiful.