Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Addi's first field trip

Addi went on her first field trip today. They got to go to CAL Ranch and see the chicks. She wanted me to help, I'm so glad she did. I had a lot of fun, loved being with her. 

On the bus together. 

Picture I took of her on the bus 

She also wanted to take a picture of me

So glad that so far my babies want to be with me, really hope it continues. 

A group shot with some of the kids. (She's in the back on the right side behind the boys in the red and blue shirt).

They even got to pet the chicks. She loved this. I sure love this girl. I'm so glad I got to go on her field trip with her, I'm really hoping she'll always want to spend at least some of her time with me. 


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