Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

I'm usually not huge fan of Mothers Day. I am very grateful for my mom and my mom in law. They are two absolutely amazing women that have taught and continue to teach me so much about being a mom, life, marriage, anything. They truly are amazing women whom I don't know what I would do without. 

Typically Mothers Day is a pretty hectic day with church and both sets of grandparents and lots of cousins in town.    We usually try to do a meal with both families. By the end of the day we're all exhausted and the kids are beyond tired and cranky. 

This Mothers Day Collier had pink eye Friday so we told everyone we were staying away so we didn't give it to all the other grandkids that would be at both Nanas houses that day. 

By Sunday morning his eyes were fine. We'd already told both families not to plan on us though. We came home from church and Collier took an amazing nap (and he could because we had no where we had to be). Maloree even went and layed on the couch after lunch and put herself down for a nap. We just hung out together at home all day, (Other then going to church)!  It truly was so much fun. Carl is gone a TON between both jobs, studying, and his calling. It truly was something needed family time. I LOVED it!!!

I even did most of the cooking and clean up of the day, but Carl was here taking care of the kids while I did it. It was an amazing day, truly loved the time with my little family!!!

Right before bed we ran to both grandparents houses for a bit. Basically long enough to drop off the stuff the kids had made for their Nanas (and at the Swains to pick up a car to borrow for Carl to take his test today, the kids didn't even get out there though, Nana and Papa came out to the car to say hello to them). Then we got home and kids even went to bed really well. Truly the best day ever. 

It made me realize that I don't like Morhers Day (and have tension on many holidays) because we're always trying to see both families. Trying to spend equal time with both and please everyone. Our families probably don't even care and I feel the pressure only from myself most likely. This was a great holiday and I realized we just need to stop trying to do it all and please everyone (or at least  what we feel like others expect from us).  

I'm honestly fine not getting anything for Mothers Day, usually we don't really do gifts. This year Carl really surprised me. I've been wanting to hang family pictures up every since we moved in. I've never done it. It has seemed like a huge, very expensive project, that I couldn't ever figure out how to fit into the budget. Carl printed picture off for me. He even hung them up on Saturdy. We still need to get frames, but I'm so unbelievably happy to have pictures of my beautiful babies on my walls. 

So thankful for this beautiful amazing life I've been blessed with! And these beautiful little people that give my everyday a purpose and meaning! 

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