Thursday, January 21, 2016

You make Jesus sad...(and recent pictures of kids)

I was just putting the kids to bed. I tucked the boys in their beds and told them I needed to go tuck the girls in now. They were both fine when I left. When I came out of the girls room Collier was screaming "mom". Not in a sad crying voice, just in his "get in here voice". I went back in. We talked for a bit and then I explained to him he had to let me go to bed because when I don't get enough sleep I turn into a mean mommy. He looks at me and goes, "you make Jesus sad!"  I love these babies and how easily they keep life and the simple things in perspective... And make me laugh. 
Collier holding a valentines package he wants from the store. (He was all about the Olaf in it) 
And a teddy bear he wants...
Addi holding the cookies she frosted for her music presentation she did today. 
Maloree wanting a picture of her battle wound she got while the kids were all playing crazy in the girls room. 
Spencer holding one of the cookies he frosted for his music presentation last week. 
The girls excited about their new leotards wanting a picture and Spencer hopping in to pose with them. 

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