Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring fever!!!

I have spring fever worse now then I ever did when I was in school-at least then I ever remember having it!  I am truly so sick of sending the kids to school everyday. I can't wait until summer!  I'm so excited to get to keep them home with me each day. To have time to actually do something with them other then get ready for school, take them to school, pick them up from school, homework, dinner, and then bed. It feels like that's all we do and it's really starting to wear on us all. Especially poor Spencer. 
Going to school for the whole day has been an adjustment for him. He's also my home body. He loves to stay home! He cries a little each morning about going to school, and after I drop him off I usually shed a few tears of my own. We officially have 4 weeks and 2 days left and it can't come fast enough!!!
I took these pictures of Spencer last night after he lost his second tooth. He is so sweet and such a wonderful boy.  Lately he has really started acting his roll as the big brother and I'm loving watching him grow into it. He truly has acted the big brother roll for the girls for a while now. But the brotherly bond between he and Collier is really starting to show now and I'm truly loving watching them develop that special relationship. Collier is sure he's as big and Spencer (and anyone else) and tries to do whatever they do. Succeeding a good amount of the time; he really is a very capable 1 year old. I'm so grateful our Father in Heaven saw fit to bless my life with these 2 amazing boys. 
Collier with his hat at Sportsmans tonight. He's in his turtle PJ's that he loves. He had a blow out after dinner that was bad enough I just took him to the bath. Where he pooped again...I love kids! 

Collier very happily checking out how much chocolate milk I have him in his cup for dinner. (He usually only gets a little at a time. I was trying to get rid of the milk and didn't realize how much was left)

Now he's very happy and satisfied with his milk. His milk is a physical affirmation of what he already firmly believes...he's just as big and as capable as everyone else in this house!

Collier woke up from his nap late today. When he woke up the older two were home from school. I was getting an early dinner ready for them so Addi volunteered to go get him out of his crib. She came back a while later saying, "he wants you Spencer, he wouldn't let me get him out".  It made me laugh because he does the same thing to me in the mornings; he always wants Carl to get him out. 
Sure enough Spencer went back and before long both of the boys were coming down the hall. More and more I'm realizing how much Collier prefers men to women. 
Addi works hard to watch the youngers (this is what we refer to Maloree and Collier as lately) when asked. She also wants to help with cooking a lot more lately. She will pick helping with meal prep over plying babies with Maloree a lot lately. This doesn't make Maloree very happy and Addi will usually quickly sooth Mals by telling her she'll come play babies soon. 
Even though Addi wants to keep helping cook she'll usually leave before she's finished helping me to go play with Maloree and make Mals happy. I love to watch their relationship develop lately also. They truly do play together so well and are so fun to watch. I often get asked to babysit for them when they are playing house. 
One time while playing house Addi told Maloree she would watch her baby for her if Maloree would go find Addi's baby for her. Maloree was trusting enough to leave her baby with Addi, I chalked that up to 3 year old innocence. Another time Addi told Maloree while she was babysitting for Mals that Maloree's baby had gotten run over because it was playing in the road. 
Thankful Addi is a much more responsible sister/person in real life then when she's playing babies with Mals. She truly is so helpful and amazing. I'm so grateful for her and all the love and tenderness she brings intoy everyday life. I love how she can be so mad at me bs within, literally 2 seconds, be apologizing to me and telling me how much she loves me. 
She truly is amazing and I'm so grateful Heavenly Father allowed me to be her mommy. This is her posing by he elk outside Sportmans tonight. (She's quite the little poser)

The girls together petting the elk. I love these two little angels.  I love watching them be sisters, it's truly such a special relationship. I'm so grateful for all the love and forgiveness they give me each day. 

I love my babies!!! Life is wonderful!!! So hard at times, but wonderful all the time if I just allow myself to see it. Our Father in Heaven truly is such a loving gracious Father. I'm so grateful for all of the tender mercies and blessing he gives me daily. I'm so grateful for the opportunity He has given me to live this dream. I have 4 beautiful wonderful babies and a husband more amazing then I would have dared to dream of. Life is wonderful, thanks to a loving amazing Father in Heaven. 

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