Wednesday, December 23, 2015


I turned 35 yesterday. The day really was mostly like any other except it's Christmas break so I didn't have to send my kids to school which I LOVED! I got to spend the day with all my children. I guess I never thought a ton about what my life would be like as a mother and wife, but the times I did think about it, I think I was so scared of it that I never imagined it could be as good as it is. I spend the day amazed by the wonderful life and little family I have. They truly are amazing. 

For years I've looked at my life and felt like it was so good and so blessed that something horrible was going to happen. In some ways I've lived in a partial fear that one of my babies would die, or Carl or I would die. The day before my birthday I had a realization. I had the opportunity to serve a few people who needed help or a babysitter last minute. I realized that maybe my Father in Heaven has made my life so blessed and easy so I can more fully serve those around me who need help. 
I don't feel like my life is always so easy. I have really hard days. There are days I get so frustrated with my children I want to scream, cry, beat them, or all of it. But when I just simply my thoughts and to do list, to the things that really eternally matter, my life truly is so blessed and easy.
 I'm married to an amazing man. We truly love and respect one another. We are happy together.  He is truly my best friend; he is the perfect man for me to go through this life and eternity with. I'm so thankful my Father in Heaven was gracious enough to bless me with him.  We have 4 beautiful children together, that bring so much happiness, laughter, craziness, and joy into our lives. We have the Gospel in our lives, and all of the many many blessings it gives us. If I don't complicate things I have everything I could ever need or want. I truly have been so blessed with a beautiful happily ever after...

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