Monday, August 25, 2014

Spy Kids party...

This happened months ago, I couldn't get it to publish until today though. 

Spencer all dressed up for the "spy kids party", he got dressed all by himself insisting on wearing his church clothes. 

Showing me his best spy kids moves...

Addi dressed to go showing me her spy kid moves...

Maloree playing with the hair stuff while the older kids are obsessing with their spy kids party. 

Collier trying to happily play with his toys, if only the others would leave him alone. 
They wanted a picture with Collier. 
They've told me they have to leave for anywhere from 1 day to 9 weeks. I told them I could handle 1 day, the thought of weeks truly made my heart hurt. I don't ever want them to move out, I'm lonely at the thought of it...  I love that my life gets to revolve around my babies, even though it can drive me crazy at times. 

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