Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ears pierced for kindergarten.

Addi has been talking about wanting her ears pierced for some time now. On August 26, 2014; the day before she started kindergarten she decided she needed it done before school started. 

I described it to her graphically...about a needle literally going through her ear, then even after that one it finished and hurting having to sit and get another needle shoved through the other ear. She still wanted it. Telling her that I didn't have money for it until the next budget didn't detour her, she quickly volunteered to pay for it herself. So to walmart we went. 

They had two ladies there so she got both ears pierced at the same time and handled it like a pro. Both ladies said she was the best kid they'd ever done. She didn't cry, scream, flinch, anything. My Addi Angel just sat there with a big happy smile on her face while her purple butterfly studs got put in. She loved it and said it didn't hurt. A cute couple waiting at the jewelry counter for a watch battery said she did so well she deserved $5. They told her to buy some earrings with it. She wanted to use it to go toward the piercing. She's loved them. 

First day of kindergarten showing off her new earrings. 

This is her at the piercing counter. 

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