Saturday, September 26, 2009

We are still alive...

The main reason I was posting some pix. is because I wanted to show some recent ones of our little girl. Apparently all of our recent ones are on the camera still and need downloaded, I don't have the energy to stay up and so all of that though, I really want sleep. I took the kids up the canyon today and went on a walk. We got some good pix. and had a lot of fun. I will post some of those to show how big our little lady is getting (I really will try to post them soon).

I only saw a little thumbnail of this so I didn't realize it was blurry, sorry. This is an old pix. but Spencer still loves on his sister a lot. He wants to hold her a lot and make sure that she is okay. If she is too okay in his mind, such as sleeping peacefully in her basinet, he wants to make sure that she hasn't forgotten him so he shakes the bassinet as hard as he can. Hence, she usually doesn't take her naps in the bassinet anymore. He has gotten really good at throwing diapers away though. After I change a diaper, his or hers, he usually holds his hand out for the diaper and takes it to the garbage for me. He even leaves them in now, in the not to distant past he would throw them away, and later go and retrieve them and bring them back to me.
I love this pix. of our little man!
I thought this one was cute also, apparently blurry though. He loves his trucks, Thanks Uncle Corey. He also loves his binki.

This is him running away from messing with the washer. he figures if he gets away quick enough I won't know it was him messing with the wash cycle.

This is a pix. of our home, Juani has been asking me to post some forever, so here is one, it doesn't look anything like this now though. Also, now that I am posting this I realize that you've seen it since then, Sorry Juan. But hey I tried.

I really will post some recent ones of our little girl soon. I didn't realize they are all on the camera still. Live is going well for us and we are starting to know what 3 hours of sleep in a row feels like again, and it feels really really good, we love it!

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sarahandjason said...

Oh Holls, it was so fun to see an update!! I miss you so much, too, and REALLY do want to see your loveliness and little lovelyettes.