Monday, March 14, 2016

Mommy and Daddy toes?

Last week while driving in the car, Maloree was sitting in her seat playing with her bare feet. Out of the blue she wondered grabbing her big toes, "Mommy, are these like Mommy and Daddy toes to your other toes?" 
 I loved it!!! I love how innocent and sweet children are. I'm so grateful for these babies of mine and all the ways they make me laugh and smile each day. They teach me so much, and hopefully someday I'll allow myself to turn into the person our Father in Heaven intends for me to be with their help. 
I'm so grateful for eternal families and that I know I can be with my family forever and for this sweet little angel of mine teaching me that the world truly revolves around families, mommies and daddies, even for out toes...

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