Sunday, August 23, 2015

And they're off...

August 20, 2015 Spencer and Addi started school again. Spencer is second grade with Kathy Caldwell as his teacher and Addi is first grade with Loraine Steckler as her teacher. 
Even though they weren't ready for school to start they were both excited on the first day, which I was very thankful for.  

This is Spencer says his morning prayers getting ready for his first day. He is getting so big so fast. I'm so thankful for him and so proud of him. 

Spencer all ready to go...

My Addi Angel all ready to go...she is getting so big and I'm so proud of how hard she is working to be big. 

The duo ready to go. I love them so much!!! I honestly don't think I'll ever be a parent that is excited for school to start. I cry ever year...I know they need it and it's good for them, but my heart always hurts for missing them. I love their faces in this picture. It shows there personalities so well. Spencer is more reserved, Addi is a ball of fire waiting to shine.  Love these kids. 

This is how we kept Collier content while he misses them. His first blow pop-obviously it was a mess. If you look closely you can see his eye lashes stuck to his eye lids with sucker. He was happy though...

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