Monday, June 2, 2014

Hidden magazines...

Spencer was feeling sick yesterday. I think he may have gotten too much sun and too little water at the block party yesterday. 

I wanted him to sleep by my bed last night so I could keep a closer eye on him.   Carl told him to act like he was going to sleep in his bed so all the other kids wouldn't want to sleep in our bedroom. 

When I went in to get him he was asleep already. I asked him if he wanted to come into my room. He said he'd come but to get his bed ready. I got it ready and went into his room to get him. I picked up him, his pillow, and the blanket on him. He looked back to his bed and asked me to grab his magazines also. 

This was his magazines. 
A whole pile of lego magazines. It made me laugh. He wasn't even trying to sleep until I tucked them under his pillow in my room. Once he'd made sure he had them all he quickly went to sleep. These are the only kind of magazines he'd better ever hide under his pillows...

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