Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We're kind of back...

Merry Christmas, quit late. Each year for Christmas we make matching pj's. This was our family pix in our pj's. Not a great pix of us all but it's all we have to show, someday we will get real ones taken. We just wanted to post this pix. real quick to show how the kids have grown.

We moved into our home Nov. 7, 2009. We've been here over a year and still have things in boxes and almost no decorations on the walls. Someday when we decide that we want decorated walls more then we want sleeping children we will hang the decorations and make our house look more like a home. For now we are enjoying more space.

Addilyn is growing up so fast and is starting to talk like crazy. She is now 18 months old, which means she can go to nursery, no more sacrament meeting with Nana. She thankfully loves nursery and goes much easier then her big brother did. She is a very opinionated child and isn't shy to throw a fit to let you know what she is sure she needs.

Spencer is now 2 1/2 and is thankfully going to nursery without Daddy now. He is a very mechanical boy and is always "fixin' " something up. He loves his little sister, he is her greatest protector and also the first one to take her out. While we drive in the car he tells Addi words to say, usually "Tractor". Addi, responds back with her form of tractor. Spencer then responds "Good girl Addi. Your such a good talker, you are getting so big". He is such a little daddy to her sometimes.

Holly stays busy with the 2 kids and can't seem to get the house completley cleaned up yet. Someday our baseboards will all be dusted, along with clean windows, and an organized office. For now we settle for a lived in home, happy kids, and dinner on the table (or the stove ready to go the the table) when Carl gets home.

Carl finished his Master's! We are so proud of him and all the long hours and hard work he put in. We also hope he never wants to go back to school again. He is working for his dad at Basin Appliance still and doing tax stuff on the side. It keeps him very busy, but we are hoping someday it will pay off and we can see him more.

Sorry it has been so long. We will try to be better but we're not willing to promise anything.


The Ricks est. September 13th, 2002 said...

Thanks for the update Holls!! Love to hear that things are going well!! Love and miss ya!!

Marisa Jean said...

I don't know how you find time to blog at all with two kids. I'm sure once we get to #2, my days of blogging will be long gone--but luckily that won't be for a LONG time! :)

I loved the update. So interesting to hear how things are going. Miss ya!

Peggy said...

Love the update. Holly, I also am settling for a lived-in house rather than clean baseboards. I just wonder what excuse I'll come up with when the kids are grown ;)