Sunday, November 30, 2008

Swimming made easy.

Spencer loves to swim, just like his mother.

Spencer would get excited when we would

put his little swimmers on him.


Kenzee Jo said...

Aww...I haven't taken Declan to do anything like that except the tub :] Does that count :] haha

Lyndsie and Tyson said...

Wow, Cancun!How fun. I wish I was there right now,not that I have ever been, just seems so relaxing. spencer is so cute! I love him sitting by the sand castle,and swimming! I think I'll just have to live through your pictures,because I know I won't be going there anytime soon. Looks like a great time. lyn

The Ricks said...

Cute and fun! So I just started a blog! How do you do this? I'm still trying to figure it all out. How do I follow you? or whatever it's called ;) my blog spot is