Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meeting the little man...

I had decided that since 37 weeks was considered full term I really won't mind if our little man came 3 weeks early. So one night I was discussing it with Carl, after I'd given into the feeling that I knew our son wasn't coming early. I told Carl that I had decided that our baby could take all of the time that he needed to get to us and that I would even be okay if he came late, but I was just so excited to meet him and see what he looked like that I really wanted him to come ASAP. I said to Carl "Aren't you just so excited to see what he looks like and meet him". Carl's only response was "I can't wait to tickle his feet"! Hence the following pictures:

Spencer with his daddy, just after he was born and they took him to clean him up. Of course daddy is ticklin' his toes.
Spencer with me just after he was born. I was just amazed looking at him and so excited that I finally got to hold him in my arms.

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