Saturday, July 11, 2009

Addilyn Jean Foley

Meet Addilyn Jean, born July 10, 2009- An early 3:38 AM. She came fast Dr. B was called but she came before he made it to the OB. She weights in at a large 5 lb 2 oz little girl. Like her big brother she is tall, 19+ inches. We think she is perfect. We will post more as sleep allows.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun times with Grandpa...

Saturday evening we went up to the cabin for a BBQ and to spend time with the fam. It was so peaceful and nice we didn't really want to come back. Thanks for the invite mom and dad. Spencer had a great time going on many nature walks with Grandpa. They found moose tracks going by the cabin that were cool.
Spencer having a great time with Grandpa sharing chips on the deck of the cabin.

Never to early to start....

Spencer was sleeping in our bed the other morning. I kept coming in to check on him and he was always out cold. He usually makes noise when he wakes up, this morning he didn't though. I came in to check on him and was shocked to see him awake, sitting quietly and happily on the bed. He had gotten the Book of Mormon of the nightstand and was busy looking at it. It was so cute. He of course looked up at me smiling with a very innocent face. We love our little man and are so greatful for all of the love and laughs he brings into our home, we learn so much from him each day.